We really appreciate that you make it so easy for a non-computer user to take the classes.  We could get them cheaper, but yours are worth every penny!

David Van Beek, General Contractor, Portland, OR CCB #148903

Yours is the best program out there!  The easiest site to use.  You are the most reliable, informative, common sense and have the most experienced speakers!

Shirley Cole, Mainline Pump & Irrigation LLC, Philomath, OR CCB #153681

These are very good and educational.  I am glad I went with your program.

Robert Rivera, 2R Associates LLC, Tigard, OR CCB #220042

I was dreading the continuing ed, thinking it was going to be a waste of time, but I am energized by what I learned after being in business for 10 year

Sarah Moscatello, The Heat Pump Store, Portland, OR CCB #177229

I learned more than in my previous 25 years as a handyman.  I plan on taking more of your courses.  I highly recommend it to anyone.

Wajih Merehi Dannoun, Green Nest Remodeling LLC, Pleasant Hill, OR CCB #209294

Your classes are great and your customer service is over the top

Jim Sultz, JLS Enterprises, Medford, OR CCB #158831

I just want to compliment you on the excellence of the information in your courses.  If I had only known all this 40 years ago, my career would have been much more successful.

James McMillan, Jim McMillan Construction, Eugene, OR CCB #32046

I will definitely use your company in the future.  Very smooth process.

Nick Olsen, Loy Clark Pipeline Col, Tualatin, CCB #52281

I’ve been a contractor for 25 years and owned several businesses, and nothing is as concise as this, when it comes to reminding people how to run a successful construction company.

Spencer Wyndham, Transpacific LLC, Clackamas, OR CCB #201629