I really appreciated having a live person available to help me get through this. It makes such a difference to those of us way out in a remote area.

Jennifer Lancaster, Lancaster Construction, Joseph, CCB #58036

This was the easiest company to do classes with.  I will use you in the future. I will also recommend you to other contractors.

Chris Marsh, Chris Marsh Construction, Port Orford, CCB #188001

I’ve been a contractor for 30 years.  I could have really used your courses 30 years ago!  What a difference that would have made in my business volume.

Jim Dillon, Dillon Property Management LLC, Portland, CCB #157776

The course was excellent, and applicable to any business. I was dreading this, but I learned a lot of great stuff. Thanks for the outstanding service! You really practice what you preach.

Jared Thielman, Jared Thielman Construction, Junction City, CCB #165625

At 70 years of age, I was very frustrated with having to do this.  OCE made it so easy, and the courses were fascinating.  I will definitely take more courses through you.

Mike DeCorte, Portland, CCB #191139

Your courses are right to the point, helping figure out how to stay in business and be profitable. I’m not much into computers, but your website is very easy to use.

Joseph Sakrisson, Small Town Woodworking, Dallas, CCB #177186

You were extremely helpful getting me through it all on Thanksgiving Day – above and beyond the call of duty!

Michael Talbott, Talbott Excavation, Medford, CCB #146496

I learned more than in my previous 25 years as a handyman. I plan on taking more of your courses. I hightly recommend it to anyone.

Wajih Merehi Dannoun, Green Nest Remodeling LLC, Pleasant Hill, CCB #209294