Q: What if I forget my username or password? A: To reset your password, click here and type in the email address associated with this account.  You will receive an email with your username and a link to re-set your password. You may need to check your junk mail/spam folder. Or just send a request to: or call (503) 781-7885.

Q: How do I change my email address or other account information? A: Log in and click on “Edit Account Info.”

Q: How do I change my username, customer name, or CCB#? A: These can only be changed by the administrator.  Contact or (503) 781-7885.

Q: How do I download my Certificate of Completion? A: Once you have completed viewing a course, your Certificate of Completion will appear as a download link below the course title.  You can print your certificates at any time, now or later.  You do not need to submit them to the CCB.  We do that for you.

Q: What if the video is not playing?

  1. Make sure your operating system is up to date.  Windows users: Click “Start” button in lower left corner of screen, then “Settings,” then “Update and Security,” and “Check for Updates,” and click to install them.  Mac users: Click Apple on upper left of screen and select “Software Update.”  Restart computer after installing updates.
  2. Make sure your browser is up to date with the latest version, or try a different browser (e.g. MS Edge, Mozilla Firefox, google chrome).
  3. Make sure JavaScript is enabled on your computer.
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