Where do I find the 3hr CCB LRB courses?

The CCB provides its 3hr CCB Laws, Rules & Business Practices (LRB) only on the CCB website.  There is no additional charge for these courses.  CCB Tel (503) 378-4621.

How do I get credit for the courses?

All courses completed by midnight (pacific time) will show up on your CCB license by noon the next business day.  Our website provides your Certificate of Completion.  You do not have to submit them to the CCB; we do that for you.  (Exception: Home Inspectors must submit on their own).

How long do I have to finish?

Once purchased, the courses are available instantly 24/7 for six months.  You can take them incrementally or all at once.  You can view courses over again as often as you want.  Your subscription is good for 180 days, and complimentary extensions are available upon request.

Can I stop and resume where I left off?

Yes. Click “Pause” for very short breaks.  For longer breaks, log out. When you log back in and click the video title and “Play,” it will resume wherever you left off. If stuck, log off and log back in.

How do I get the Play/Pause button off the screen?

Move your cursor off the screen, and the Play/Pause button will disappear after a few seconds.  Similarly, if you want to Play/Pause, move your cursor over the screen and the button will reappear.

Are there any tests?

No.  Our courses do not have test questions.  Just watch the video and you’re done.  However, the CCB features questions on its courses, as do some other education providers.

Are any contractors exempt?

Exemptions are available for Oregon-licensed plumbers, electricians, architects and engineers who are subject to their own CEU requirements.

Privacy Policy

We never share your private information with anyone, nor do we use it for any purpose other than notices related to your account.  You will receive a welcome email and a receipt when you sign up.  You will also receive a notice of new courses prior to your next renewal (two years from now, generally eight weeks prior to your next renewal date).

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